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Cement Evaluation

Cement provides wellbore stability and zonal isolation for the reservoir and a good cement job is critical for the long term viability of a well. A poor cement job can lead to fluid movement behind casing which may lead to reduced production, pollution of aquifers and even hydrocarbon escape at surface.

The measurement principal that assesses the quality of cement had not changed for many decades. An acoustic pulse is transmitted from the tool and is propagated along the casing and then detected by the tool receiver. The amplitude is directly proportional to the quality of the cement behind the casing with very good cement having a dampening effect on the signal.

The results of a standard CBL (Cement Bond Log) are easy to interpret at the extremes but when the data indicates a partial bond i.e. less than 100% cement it is almost impossible to gauge whether the cement still provides isolation or if it provides channels for fluid movement. To solve this problem Falcon uses radial bond technology to deliver a cement map. By using 8receivers arrange circumferentially around the tool instead of the single traditional receiver, the tools are able to deliver a visual image of where the cement is located behind the casing and where any potentially conductive channels are present. The tool also gives a standard CBL and VDL (cement-formation bond) measurement.

The cement evaluation tools are ran on the Ultrawire telemetry platform and can be combined with the casing and tubing inspection tools as well as any other Ultrawire tools such as PLT. They can also be run in memory mode.

  • Tools are available in 3 1/8” and 1 11/16” sizes
  • Tools are rated to 177 Deg C and 15000 psi