Our investment in our business


Our investment in our business
Who are we?

About Falcon

The key to our success is our people, the technology they have created and the systems they have built.

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Falcon operates out of four locations in Oman.

Our main operations base is in Nizwa. This purpose built facility in the Nizwa Industrial Estate is a 5 logging truck bay unit housing our maintenance labs, stores and engineers offices. On site are also a wash and pressure test bay, a cable shop as well as a radioactive bunker where we store the sources needed for some of our logging tools. The base is designed, maintained and managed to a very high level and anyone familiar with one of the major international logging companies will feel very much at home!

Moving from Qurm rented office building to the purpose built to falcon design HQ building in 18 Novemeber Road was a significant shift for Falcon in Feb 2020 , marked by the inauguration of our new modern FHQ building “The Falcon Nest”. Highlighting the features of the new location and the innovative aspects of the building design . It had also emphasized how the move aligned with Falcon’s vision for growth and expansion.

Being located in Nizwa means it is centrally based for all of the fields in Oman. The added advantage of Nizwa is that it is a town rather than a desert camp. This allows our field staff to live with their families when not at the wellsite which in turn improves morale and ultimately service quality.

We currently operate 7 logging units out of Nizwa. These units have been sourced from companies including Elmar and ASEP and are generally recognized to be the benchmark products for the industry. The trucks are usually fitted with Sondex-GE acquisition systems and run cables sourced from Camesa and Rochester. These trucks are able to service all of the downhole environments currently encountered in the region including high h2s wells and high temperature steam wells. Many of the trucks are dual drum units and can offer a range of cables including multiconductor heptacable and slickline. At the end of 2009 we added our in-house designed crane logging unit to our fleet. The integrated crane means quicker rig-ups and reduces the number of vehicles need at the wellsite. Less miles travelled means less risk to our people. At the start of 2012 Falcon opened its own cable spooling shop.  This facility replaces the need to travel to Abu Dhabi where the closest commercial spooling facility is based.

Falcon’s third location is the explosive bunker in Qarn Alam. This secure facility is manned 24 hours a day and is large enough to contain a stock of perforating charges that can meet the needs of any given client at a moments notice.

The fourth location is in Mukhaizna and is the most recent addition. The base is currently under the planning phase for development as activity picks up while we gradually ramp up the resources deployed there. It is intended to in the near future serve as our main base in the south bringing us closer to the fields we operate there rather than running those operations out of Nizwa.