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Never second best
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Falcon Services

Our broad range of services and products delivered alone or with our partners means Falcon can meet virtually all of your logging, perforating, intervention and reservoir data needs.

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Permanent and Retrievable Downhole Gauges

For pressure transient analysis, fracture monitoring, interference testing or basic pressure-temperature profiling, Falcon can offer a wide range of retrievable quartz memory gauges on a rental basis. Powered by lithium cells and having large internal memories mean that these sensors can be programmed to gather data slowly for many months or in the case of transient analysis, gather vast amounts of data very quickly at a very high sampling rate, utilizing the fast response pressure and temperature sensors. This data can be downloaded at the wellsite and delivered to the customer in a matter of minutes

Falcon currently offers Spartek, and Metrolog gauges depending on specific client requirements such as temperature and job duration. All of these gauges can be rapidly deployed on slick line into various hangers, nipples and dummy gas lift mandrels.

The gauges have a range of temperature specifications and sizes to suit well conditions.

Falcon is now working with Spartek to provide permanent and permanent/retrievable (SPSRO) gauge systems. The SPSRO system utilizes a sealed gauge which is connected and powered inductively downhole. Data and power is transmitted via the installed Tec-cable on the outside of the tubing. The lack of exposed connections dramatically reduces the risk of failure and makes the prospect of using permanent gauge technology a much more attractive proposition. If the gauge does fail then the sensor is simply retrieved and replace like any other. The intrinsically lower failure rate of the sealed system and the retrievable nature of the gauge means that real-time data for the life of the well is now a probability rather than a possibility.

The first successful installation of the SPSRO system in Oman was made in Q3 2011.