Working as one to deliver performance


Working as one to deliver performance
What can we offer?

Falcon Services

Our broad range of services and products delivered alone or with our partners means Falcon can meet virtually all of your logging, perforating, intervention and reservoir data needs.

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Third Party Services

Falcon is also very happy to work with third parties to deploy their technology downhole using our cable, truck and engineers.

Over the last 10 years Falcon has worked with many companies often as part of a strategic alliance or simply on an ad hoc basis as requested by the end user.

Examples of the equipment we have deployed include –

  • The Archer/Tecwel ultrasonic leak and flow detection technology which measures small amounts of fluid and gas movement behind casing.
  • The Baker Atlas CMI, formation subsidence monitoring system using an array of very high resolution gamma tools to measure changes in separation distance between explosively shot radioactive marker bullets.
  • The Halliburton-Shell Ultrasonic Stimulation Tool utilizes ultrasonic transmitters to stimulate flow. This is achieved by using ultrasound to rapidly dissolve asphaltenes and waxy deposits which may impede flow from the formation, through the perforations and into the wellbore.
  • The Pinnacle Tiltmeter System was used to measure fracture height during injection and determine if the fracture extended to a freshwater aquifer.
  • The Welltec Welltractor for deploying tools in high angle or horizontal wells eliminating the need for expensive and potentially problematic coiled tubing operations.
  • Gyro Surveys and other well trajectory measurement tools with Gyrodata.
  • The Expro-DHVI downhole video, used to monitor well integrity and production.

Falcon are more than simply a deployment service and are capable of partnering at any desired level all the way up to full data acquisition using our own highly trained engineers. If you are interested in introducing new technologies which need deployment downhole then please contact [email protected].