Answers given and challenges met


Answers given and challenges met
What can we offer?

Falcon Services

Our broad range of services and products delivered alone or with our partners means Falcon can meet virtually all of your logging, perforating, intervention and reservoir data needs.

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Miscellaneous Services

As well as the range of tools and services described, Falcon continues to offer a broad range of niche technologies for very specific applications which don’t naturally fit in any of the categories described elsewhere on the website.

Dump Bailers

We are able to offer cement dump bailer services. Dump bailers are a quick and efficient method of depositing a large volume of cement on top of a plug in order to create a strong and permanent barrier in the well. Using electromechanical actuators the cement can be placed accurately and cleanly in exactly the right place eliminating the risk of cement debris at critical points in the well. Bailers replace the need for expensive pumping or coiled tubing operations.

Slim Induction Tool

The slim dual induction tool is only 1 11/16” diameter and allows thru-tubing re-entry into a well to evaluate periodic oil/water saturations and monitor their changes overtime. This tool provides a viable alternative to pulsed neutron technology in barefoot completions as it is much more easily correlated to the original Open Hole saturation logs. Its depth of investigation is also much higher giving greater insight into movements of the OWC and phenomena such as water breakthrough and coning.

Pulsed Neutron

Falcon has access to a number of different pulsed neutron systems including Neutron-Neutron tools and Neutron – Gamma Ray tools. Spectral capture is due to be deployed early 2010. Please contact us at [email protected] with your specific requirement.