Answers given and challenges met


Answers given and challenges met
What can we offer?

Falcon Services

Our broad range of services and products delivered alone or with our partners means Falcon can meet virtually all of your logging, perforating, intervention and reservoir data needs.

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Interpretation Products

Safely and efficiently acquiring raw data is seen by many as the primary role of the logging company. However, in most cases collecting raw data is not the end of the story. The final product is actually a value-added interpretation of the raw data made by our qualified and expertly trained in-house team of log analysts and reservoir engineers.

Falcon uses a range of software packages to process the raw data including

Emeraude – Production Log Interpretation

Emeraude, the KAPPA Production Log interpretation package has been the industry standard for PLT interpretation since its introduction in 1994. The powerful tools and models in Emeraude mean that PLT has gone from being a tool of last resort to becoming a key calibration point for the entire reservoir model. The software allows full single, 2 and 3 phase interpretations in almost every well environment including high-angle and horizontal wells, utilizing sensors from a basic MPLT through to the next generation of array tools. Emeraude uses a range of local and global regression models to accurately and quickly model inflow performance. Using the package Falcon can deliver high-quality interpretations in a matter of hours if quick decisions are needed.

WIVA – Well Integrity Visual Analysis

Thickness data from MTT is combined with MIT data using WIVA (Well Integrity Visual Analysis) software to produce powerful 3D images that allow the user to fly down the pipe and inspect the tubular inside and out and from all angles. Various numerical datasets can be superimposed on the image to make the interpretation easier for the end user. Being able to visualize the problem gives great insight into both diagnosing and solving any potential problems.

WIPER – Well Integrity Processing, Evaluation and Reporting

Numerical reports in PDF format from MTT and MIT data are available using WIPER (Well Integrity Processing, Evaluation, and Reporting). The package automatically detects collars and other completion hardware and then delivers a joint-by-joint numerical analysis of the well which can be easily tied into the completion diagram. The analysis report provides an overview highlighting the most damaged items. Graphical and tabular listings detail every joint’s metal loss and penetrations. User-defined images can be generated to highlight the tubular cross-section of the most damaged items.

As well as our team of log analysts, Falcon can tap into a global network of world-renowned experts to support its activities. These experts regularly train and mentor our personnel which gives us the confidence to state that we are capable of taking on any technical challenge.