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Never second best
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Our broad range of services and products delivered alone or with our partners means Falcon can meet virtually all of your logging, perforating, intervention and reservoir data needs.

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Well Integrity

Monitoring the physical integrity of a well has become hugely more important in recent decades for a number of reasons.

Cost of drilling and completing wells has spiraled and many operators have concluded that regular “check ups” on their expensive assets will allow them to identify and possibly fix any potential problems before they become a more serious problem both in terms of HSE risk and revenue stream. The ability to actually repair casing and tubing with patches etc. without having to program a complete workover has underpinned this growth in monitoring.

A second driving force has been the ongoing development in EOR (Enhance Oil Recovery).Technologies such as steam injection or gas reinjection have greatly extended the operating life of many old wells way beyond there predicted life expectancy and design criteria. Monitoring of these old assets is crucial to ensure they remain functional.

In the Gulf region, cement integrity is of vital importance as it not only provides isolation for the reservoir but it also protects the sweet aquifers from potential contamination by produced fluids.

To confirm well integrity Falcon offers the following services.

  • Cement Bond logging including radial bond and cement map.
  • Multifinger Caliper (MIT) to measure internal radii.
  • Magnetic Thickness Tool (MTT) to measure variations in wall thickness

These services are supported by several unique visualization packages which translate raw data into a valuable tool for analysis and diagnosis.

Falcon also works with Archer the Norwegian technology and services company to deliver Leakpoint and Flowpoint services.