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Our broad range of services and products delivered alone or with our partners means Falcon can meet virtually all of your logging, perforating, intervention and reservoir data needs.

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Downhole Steam Injection Profiling

Falcon has taken its production logging know how and combined that with some proprietary steam injection profiling technology to become one of the most progressive and experienced steam logging companies outside of North America.

Steam logging is primarily used to monitor which formations are taking steam and at what rates during a steam injection, enhanced recovery program. In complex reservoirs this information is critical when ensuring the maximum amount of oil is produced with the minimum energy inputs. Steam is expensive to generate and the reservoir engineer needs to ensure that it is applied to the right part of the producing formation and in the right amounts.

By applying the quality standards and commitment to safe operations found in the Wireline Logging industry to the smaller steam logging sector, Falcon has been able to delver unmatched levels of efficiency and data security without risk to operations or the well. Operational issues such as weak point selection and tool deployment that are second nature to most logging engineers were simply not considered as part of the average steam logging operation. This commitment to quality mean Falcon now has a track record of many hundreds of wells logged successfully.

Prior to Falcons entry into the steam logging market, sensor and electronics design had not evolved in decades. The niche market had not been exposed to developments in the broader Wireline Logging market. Combine this with a low cost, low risk environment and it is possible to see why the steam tools on offer at the time were simply not fit for purpose in the higher flowrate wells of the Gulf region. By designing tools fit for the remote desert environment, Falcon was able to get rid of the old standard, analogue electronics and replace them with modern digital electronics. This allows us to combine more sensors, ruggedize tools and eliminate multiple runs reducing costly operating time for our clients.

A typical downhole stream tool set now consists of dual gamma ray, CCL, pressure and spinner sensors designed to operate above 600 Deg F. This configuration allows the logging of the Steam miscible Krypton and water miscible Iodine radioactive tracers in a single run. Like explosives Falcon is uniquely certified to handle the radioactive isotopes used in these operations.

A further enhancement to the old system was the introduction of a fully automated Krypton injection system which is triggered remotely and is electronically linked to the acquisition system software. This delivers greater timing accuracy and sharper “pulses” for a better flow rate measurement.