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Never second best
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Falcon Services

Our broad range of services and products delivered alone or with our partners means Falcon can meet virtually all of your logging, perforating, intervention and reservoir data needs.

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High Performance Perforation Services

1. Perforating Services

Falcon provides a wide array of charges and gun systems including GEODynamics (USA) RAZOR® and CONNEX® system for HSD / Scallop guns and Owen Shogun thru-tubing strip-guns. Falcon holds a large stock of charges in its Qarn Alam bunker for instant responsiveness on all regularly used charge sizes but can quickly secure and ship charges designed for guns from 2” to 7”.

GEO Dynamics RAZOR charge has quickly become the industry standard for high performance deep penetrator charges. API tested and proven, RAZOR charges offer the best available penetration in almost every charge size. Falcon has established a strong relationship with GEO Dynamics and is currently the exclusive provider of services using their products within the country. Please visit this page for the API and other data on RAZOR charges.

Owen Shogun perforating system is the latest technological breakthrough in thru-tubing strip-gun technology. It combines the desired radial coverage (phasing 360°x 45°) and high shot densities of casing guns with deep penetrating charges and retrievable strips, to maximize oil production in an efficient and cost-effective way. The Shogun offers about 30% more performance than standard thru-tubing strip guns. Key features include retrievable carriers which reduce the chances of getting stuck or leaving debris in the well.

2. Advanced Perforating

Strong relationship with GEODynamics has given Falcon access to some of the best explosives engineers on the planet and has allowed us to deliver some truly cutting-edge technologies to our customers.

Reactive Charges

CONNEX® reactive charge is one of such technologies. Using a specially designed charge liner, CONNEX generates a secondary exothermic reaction within the perforation itself. This reaction momentarily generates very high temperatures which create a pressure pulse pushing crushed rock and charge debris out of the perforation. This clean perforation can mean a lower skin value for the well which may in turn increase production or make hydraulic fracturing easier and more effective. By using CONNEX, the need to run more complicated and more expensive dynamic underbalanced perforating systems is eliminated. To learn more about reactive liner charge technology, please follow the link

Bespoke Charges

Perforating is not always just about creating the biggest, deepest hole possible or packing the largest amount of explosive in the smallest gun. There are times when very accurately sized and perfectly shaped holes in the tubular are much more desirable than formation penetration. An example for the use of bespoke engineered charges would be to punch very regular, fixed diameter holes in casing to act as downhole chokes for injection to ensure the right amount of fluid enters the various reservoir bodies. Bespoke charges are not significantly more expensive than standard premium charges and the delivery time is usually less than a month.

3. Tubing-Conveyed Perforating

Tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) technology has grown dramatically over the years. Falcon’s TCP services enable perforating very long intervals in one run; it also facilitates running large guns and using high underbalance.

Falcon’s TCP guns enable operators to optimize well flow by detonating high performance, deep penetrating shaped charges provided by GEODynamics which has become the industry standard for high performance deep penetrator charges. This will maximize perforation length, entry hole size, and also improve reservoir connectivity, maximizing production with pressure ratings up to 20,000 psi (138MPa).

4. GasGun® (Propellant Fracturing)

The GasGun® is a solid-propellant well-stimulation device based on proprietary ballistic technology. It incorporates the most advanced design on the market with the use of progressively burning propellants that have been proven by independent research to be many times more effective in creating fractures and increasing formation permeability.

The GasGun generates high pressure gases at a rate that creates a fracturing behavior dramatically different from either hydraulic fracturing or explosives. The goal is to tailor the pressure-time profile to produce multiple fractures which provide optimum near bore drainage; you can find more by opening the link

What the GasGun Can Do for Your Wells…

  • Create multiple radial fractures extending upto 50 feet from the wellbore.
  • Minimal vertical fracture growth out of zone avoids problems often associated with hydraulic fracturing and acidizing.
  • Remove wellbore damage caused by perforators, drilling fines, cement, acids, mud cake, scale, polymer gel, etc.
  • Improve effectiveness of acidizing by fracturing first with the GasGun, allowing acid to etch new channels into formation.
  • Enhance production in naturally fractured reservoirs by intersecting more fractures.
  • Reduce costs of hydraulic fracturing by breaking down the formation first with the GasGun. Treating pressures are often dramatically reduced.
  • Increase injection rates in waterfloods, waste disposal, and gas storage wells.