Answers given and challenges met


Answers given and challenges met
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Our broad range of services and products delivered alone or with our partners means Falcon can meet virtually all of your logging, perforating, intervention and reservoir data needs.

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Advanced Reservoir Monitoring

Advances in well engineering and drilling have led to new well completion designs which greatly enhance reservoir drainage and production. The same completions however can provide great challenges when acquiring meaningful data. The horizontal reservoir sections associated with multilateral well completions or extended reach wells create unique and challenging flow regimes which are almost impossible to identify with a basic Production Logging Tool.

In vertical or low deviation wells turbulent flow patterns mean that the single point, bulk property measurements taken can be extrapolated across the entire wellbore. In high deviation and horizontal wells stratified flow regimes mean the produced fluids are segregated and single point sensors may miss key data as they are immersed in the denser water which sits on the low side of the well with the tools. Other conditions where normal sensors may miss important information is in low flow rate regimes where turbulent flow may not be consistent or in some very high flow rate wells where annular flow regimes can develop.

To compensate for these extreme conditions, we would recommend the deployment of “array tools” which utilize a large number of miniature sensors distributed across the wellbore. By measuring parameters at multiple points the tool is much more likely to identify any heterogeneity in the produced flow.

The current range of array tools include the CAT (Capacitance Array Tool) SAT (Spinner Array Tool) and RAT (Resistance Array Tool). When ran alone or in combination with other basic PLT sensor Falcon is able to generate a much more accurate flow profile and highlight key features of the downhole flow regime.

The tools are available in 1 11/16” diameter and can be run in memory or SRO (surface readout) modes. The tools use the Ultra wire telemetry systems and can be combined with the basic PLT sensors. Temperature and pressure ratings are 150 Deg C and 15000 psi.