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Our broad range of services and products delivered alone or with our partners means Falcon can meet virtually all of your logging, perforating, intervention and reservoir data needs. For more information click below.


Reservoir Monitoring

In an era of high oil prices and rapidly depleting reservoirs, reservoir monitoring has become a vitally important tool in maximizing recovery of oil and gas.  Mature wells can see rapid declines in production, the causes of which can be identified or diagnosed using suitable reservoir monitoring techniques.

Incorrectly produced reservoirs can quickly water-out bypassing valuable reserves forever.  Produced water is an unwanted byproduct and needs to be shut of at source.  Mature wells can have production problems due to cross flow, excess sand production, tubing leaks and scale.  To identify these problems and others Falcon uses a comprehensive range of production logging tools which can be ran in surface readout mode on one of our electric-line trucks or in memory mode on a third party slickline or coiled tubing unit.

Key sensors include

Casing Collar Locator – A depth correlation sensor will helps indentify the exact depth of the tool string relative to the reservoir.

Gamma Ray Sensor – Also used as a depth correlation sensor using the radioactive signature of the naturally occurring shale to show position in the well.  The GR tool also indicates build up of radioactive scale which can choke production.

Capacitance Sensor – This electrical sensor is used to measure the amount of water present in produced fluids.

Density Tool – This family of tools (both radioactive and differential pressure) directly measures the density of the produced fluids and allow for the determination of the relative proportions of the oil, gas and water.

Pressure Tool – This tool uses a very high resolution and accuracy quartz transducer to measure the downhole pressure.  Pressure can be used to determine the ultimate extent of producible reserves in a reservoir.

Temperature Tool – A very responsive low mass platinum resistance thermometer allows for the measurement of fluid entry and leaks as well as providing an important parameter for PVT calculations

Spinners – Falcon can provide a vast array of spinner types capable of operating in any production environment such as bowspring fullbore spinners for barefoot completions and low pitch jeweled bearing spinners for very high flow rate gas wells.

To complement the core sensors, the tools have a wide range of accessories such as centralizers, swivels and knuckle joints which when selected carefully can almost guarantee the tools reach logging depth efficiently and safely.

All of these tools are available in 1 11/16” diameter and are very short to enable a quick rig up and deployment, saving the client costly non-productive time.

Temperature rating is up to 177 Deg C
Pressure rating is 15000 psi

A High Temp 300 Deg C and 20000 psi tool string is available. Please contact Falcon info@falconofs.com for more information.

All tools are made from NACE specification materials and are H2S resistant.