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Welcome to the new Falcon website. Please visit the page regularly for news and updates on Falcon and its services. Please contact info@falconofs.com for more information on any of these news stories.

Falcon logs first Open Hole Well – Dec 29, 2016

History was made with the support of PDO by Falcon successfully completing it’s first maiden Open Hole logging suite on 23-Oct-2016. The data quality was very good as commented by the customer and the job was safely and efficiently executed. We thank PDO for assisting us in reaching this milestone towards the realization of our corporate goals and growth objectives.

Falcon Drilling Systems wins coveted Well Placement Contract with PDO

Falcon has made history by winning an important 5 year contract (with 2+2 year extensions options) for the provision of Directional Drilling, Measurement While Drilling and Logging While Drilling contract with PDO. This is the first step of many towards the diversification of our services portfolio and is very synergetic and an extension of our core business of ‘Measurements’ in the oil and gas wells. Commencement is scheduled for April-2017.

8 years LTI Free

We are proud to complete another year free of LTI bringing us to a nice cool 8 years of ‘LTI Free’ operations. It hasn’t been an easy year in the current turmoil of low oil prices, but with our relentless efforts and razor sharp focus on HSE have paid off  in achieving this new milestone. We thank all our staff, customers and partners for their contributions in helping us achieve it and look forward to carrying this success over to the next milestone.