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Welcome to the new Falcon website. Please visit the page regularly for news and updates on Falcon and its services. Please contact info@falconofs.com for more information on any of these news stories.

Falcon Wins ‘Special Mention Technical Award 2014’ – PDO MD Award – Dec 20, 2014

The award was delivered by PDO MD to Falcon OFS for conducting ‘The longest horizontal perforation with the tractor’ in PDO.

6 Year LTI Free – Oct 31, 2014

October 2014 – Falcon celebrated Six years of LTI free operations.  Our commitment to HSE is grounded in our business ethics and the safety of employees and partners is of  paramount importance. We are proud of this achievement.

Falcon Delivers the Longest Horizontal Perforation in PDO – Aug 17, 2014

Falcon set a new record by running (The longest horizontal perforation with the tractor) in PDO history. A total of 610 m of gun was used over 4 intervals and 41 runs. The operation was managed successfully and safely with the support of Well Engineering Team in PDO.

Falcon participates in SPE Forum – Feb 28, 2014

February – 2014 Fouad Ibrahim, Technical Director, delivered a presentation to an esteemed crowd of 35 Oil & Gas experts.  The presentation was well received by the different Oil companies. Below is the presentation abstract.

Multiple radial fractures created by a gas-generating progressively-burning propellant; The GasGun , has been achieving very good results in north America in the past 10 years. The ability of the technology to produce fractures in different directions makes it a very viable technique to communicate with the undamaged rock in the reservoir and increase productivity. The presentation covers the way this technology works by providing theoretical and experimental results in tests conducted in Sanida nuclear testing site. Furthermore, a case study of 6 wells (mostly injectors) stimulated with the GasGun in 2013 within the MEDCO concession in the south of Oman, is then presented and discussed.