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The key to our success is our people, the technology they have created and the systems they have built. To find out more click below.



Falcon has a number of unique approaches to acquiring and developing its most important asset – people. Falcon is a mix of globally seasoned, oil industry professionals (both Omani and expatriate) and fresh, home grown talent from the best educational establishments in Oman. It is this unique investment (rather than an overhead!) in training and mentoring which allows Falcon to achieve a high percentage of well qualified Omani employees with all the benefits to service quality and the overall business that it brings.

Falcon believes that as a proportion of its total number of employees, it trains more fresh graduates each year into scientific and engineering roles than any other company in Oman or the region. The quality of this training is industry leading using both in-house resources and external experts to deliver the broadest possible technical education. It is a testament to the success of our training that a number of our early recruits have gone on to join the ranks of our clients. We do not view these moves as a loss of valuable staff but rather as part of the natural evolution of talented individuals. Our reputation is only enhanced by helping capture and mould this talent.

It is through talented individuals that Falcon implements its first class QHSE systems which has helped us attain our ISO Certification having been accredited by DNV back in 2010 and being maintained thus-far. Logging is one of the most hazardous operations in the world, potentially exposing our people and equipment to high temperatures and pressures; toxic gases and chemicals; radioactive source and explosives. These risks are compounded by long drives to the wellsite and even longer hours at the wellsite. An indication of the depth of our HSE systems but more importantly an indication of our people’s real life commitment to HSE is the fact that Falcon has experienced no serious lost time incidents in its history.

Falcon currently employees over a hundred people with the majority based in Nizwa running and supporting operations. If you would like to be considered for a position with Falcon then please check our careers page for current vacancies or contact apply@falconofs.com.